SKHC Calendar 2020

The Forgotten Clans Due to the ongoing effects of colonization, many sub-clans have been forgotten. Some of these include: Seagull, Skunk, Porcupine and Squirrel. These teachings are from the lodges in this territory. We respect and acknowledge the knowledge keepers in these lodges and how they were given these teachings. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO: • The Mishomis Book: The Voice of the Ojibway, Edward Benton-Banai, 1988 • Ojibway Heritage, Basil Johnston, 1987 • Sacred Water, North American Water Office Protocols • Clan Relations • Clans are considered family (i.e. brothers/sisters) therefore clan members of the same family do not inter-marry or procreate. • Marriage among the same clan are forbidden. • In Anishnaabemowin, Ndoode stems from the word Ode, where the heart is (ndoodem). • The importance of extended family so we always have extended family. • As Anishnaabe, we carry our father’s clan (patrilineal); if not known, the adoption clans come in. • Other clan nations may follow different clan teachings (i.e. Cree, Haudenoshaunee, Inuit, Lakota). • Please take any opportunity to reach out and learn about our clan feasts. • Please take any opportunity to learn about your clan songs and dances. • There may be conflicts between some clans (i.e. Turtle/Eagle). • For those that are searching for their clan, do own research, geneology/family tree line. • Seek out knowledge keepers and ceremonies that can guide you about your clan.