SKHC Calendar 2021

In 2011, the Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre developed and implemented a Model of Care known as the Woven Blanket. The Woven Blanket Model of Care In this Model of Care, clients are attached to a team of providers rather than an individual physician or nurse practitioner. Team members have flexible roles so they can cross cover and back up others when required, so when a client’s principal provider or any other team member is away, another provider from that team or from another team will fill in. This prevents a client from being orphaned should their principal provider cease practicing. Clients continue to be a member of their team. Like other primary care models, clients have a principal primary care provider (e.i. nurse practitioner, physician assistant or physician), but there are no my clients or your clients, only our team. The Centre’s Traditional, Mental Health and Community Programs are essential components of the team, ensuring that clients and families receive holistic and comprehensive care. Unique to the Woven Blanket Model of Care are client navigators. In addition to coordinating an individual’s care, they are the point people for communication and advocacy. The principal providers and other team members are resources to be called on by the navigators. Regular team meetings, involving the Traditional, Mental Health and Community Programs, are conducted in a case management fashion. Priority cases will be discussed in the circle of care thereby allowing team members to become aware of the issues and to offer their unique resources and suggestions. Most significantly, the Woven Blanket Model of Care offers a culturally safe environment that respects traditional values and embraces an individual’s unique needs within the context of their family and community.