SKHC Calendar 2021

She is a member of Wiikwemkoong, descendant of Ojibway-Odawa-Pottawottomi Nations. She resides in Wikwemikong with her mother, children and grandchildren. In the mid 1970s at the age of 13, Nikki was fortunate to be invited to the Ojibway Cultural Foundation summer camp at Rainbow Country Lodge in Birch Island. While at camp, Elders were brought in to offer teachings. The artists assisted and guided the younger ones with painting and developing work. Nikki painted mostly acrylic on canvas and over time, her style and themes evolved to use soft colours and depict women, and their roles and relationships. As time passed, Nikki reluctantly had to set aside the time to do her art. She was in school full time and then had additional responsibilities raising children over a 20-year span. The difference in age between her oldest and youngest child is 21 years. As each child grew independent, Nikki was able to return to her passion – the passion to create, an unfulfilled desire, always wanting and waiting to have time to finish the latest piece. Today, Nikki’s artwork features the vibrant colours of the Woodland style and she continues to paint women and explore the role of women in our culture. She strongly connects with the theme of women as her grandmother Violet was an inspiration and motivational role model. Violet worked hard and always took the time to spend with her grandchildren. People were important to her. She spent hours talking about her childhood and life growing up with her mother, Nikki’s great-grandmother, and two aunts, all strong independent women. Violet’s strength and role as a greatgrandmother, grandmother, mother and provider was loving, special and caring. Nikki has been so honoured and inspired by the gift of her grandmother and feels her Spirit continues to guide her. The role of women within the Anishinaabek Nation is one of strength and one of many duties and responsibilities. The Anishinaabe Kwe Series reflects the roles prominent in our society from birth to passing into the Spirit World. Nikki Manitowabi Nikki Manitowabi, Shke Nohngohns Kwe (New Star Woman) is of the Bear Clan and is an Anishinaabe Kwe.