SKHC Calendar 2022

Nzigos MONICA AUNTIE MONICA MEJAKI What are your teachings surrounding being an auntie? Share your stories of the sacred, proud and protective role you hold in embracing the safety of family. Boozhoo, aanii. Migizi AandwadoonKwe ndigoo. Nimkii-binesii ndoodem. My English name is Monica Mejaki registered with Sagamok Anishnaabek but I was raised in Wiikwemkoong Unceeded Territory. Nzigos ndaaw. I am a traditional auntie to many children. Since I began this path called mno-bimaadziwan (the good life), I learned the importance of being an auntie. At ceremonies, lodges and gatherings, I observed, listened and learned to understand the Anishinaabe traditional way of life. From listening to the Grandmothers, aunties play a significant role to help girls with their transition into womanhood. This involves the provision of life guidance and direction. I cherish the role and responsibility of being an auntie to many children that come onto my path. Aahaaw, miigwech ndikid.