SKHC Calendar 2022

Nzigos CORINNE AUNTIE CORINNE FLAMAND What are your teachings surrounding being an auntie? Share your stories of the sacred, proud and protective role you hold in embracing the safety of family. Becoming an Auntie is the best feeling ever. I just love being there for my nieces and nephews when they need me. I would encourage them to follow their dreams and to be themselves. Plus, I just love it when they call me auntie. As a child growing up, I would visit my auntie who always did traditional craft work. My auntie would show me the different techniques of traditional crafting like beading, quill work, birchbark and leather work. To this day, I still use these traditions and pass them on to my friends, cousins, nieces and nephews. I am forever grateful. Miigwech.