SKHC Calendar 2022

Nzigos KELLY LEE AUNTIE KELLY LEE ASSINIWE What are your teachings surrounding being an auntie? Share your stories of the sacred, proud and protective role you hold in embracing the safety of family. I was always told that as an auntie you treat every child as if they were your own and to always watch out for everyone. I was taught to take care of my sisters’ children at all times. Growing up, our aunties were special and were a very important part of our lives. I have tried to continue that role and ensure that my nieces and nephews know that they can always come to me, for anything, when they need to. We have a close-knit family and as an auntie I have taken some of my nieces and nephews under my wing and watch over them continuously. All my nieces and nephews have special places in my heart just as my own children do. As a family we take care of each other and it’s especially important as an auntie to keep our eyes and ears open to all the children to ensure they are safe, cared for, mentored, protected, spoiled and loved each and every day. I love all my nieces and nephews and am so proud that the Creator chose me to be auntie to all of them.