SKHC Calendar 2022

Nzigos HILDA NADJIWAN IN LOVING MEMORY OF HILDA MARY NADJIWAN MSKO - MIIGWAANII KWE OCTOBER 18, 1942 – MARCH 25, 2021 In honour of our Nookii, we would like to share her words of thanksgiving. From the purple blanket of the sky nation to the first rays of dazzling light, when grandfather sun rises to shine his light on all of his children and creation. Let us all embrace the Creator’s love. We are thankful for our mother, Shkagamik-Kwe. Our father, father sky. Our grandparents, Nookomis moon and grandfather sun. We are thankful for the gifts of the four directions and for the combined successes they bring that we may continue to be of greater service to you and others. We offer ourselves to you as instruments. We trust that you will guide us with the medicine of leading through example. Teach us to nurture each other and to encourage each other’s growth, that will support the development of others abilities. Help us to be humble and thankful, and to be proud of all our accomplishments, through selfesteem and not of self-importance. We humbly ask for continued blessings of life and breath so that the Creator’s love, our love, may be felt in the lives of all we meet. Thank you for hearing our prayer. Miigwech, Elder Hilda Nadjiwan Debenjiged, Gzhemnidoo, Gmishoomsina.