SKHC Calendar 2022

Nzigos SHKEBE AUNTIE SHKEBE GOWAN What are your teachings surrounding being an auntie? Share your stories of the sacred, proud and protective role you hold in embracing the safety of family. Being an auntie has been the best part of my life and I’ve been an auntie from a very young age. As a child, I was like a sister to my nieces and nephews, playing and protecting them. As we got older, I became a friend, sharing secrets, teasing and laughter. As an adult I became a mother, nurturing and guiding them along their path. Now I’ll become a grandma to my great nieces and nephews. I’ll share everything I know with patience and unconditional love. So, for Anishinawbek, our aunties will grow, they will transform. For our nieces and nephews, we will become what they need.