Building Healthy Communities | Respecting Traditional Values


The Shkagamik-Kwe logo encompasses many symbolic meanings.  
The teachings in the logo is the foundation for which SKHC stands for.


In many teachings the bear symbolizes not only protectors of the community but they represent protectors of the natural medicines.  Bear Clan people are protectors but also medicine people.


The water is the blood of our first mother, mother earth.  Without clean water, our human family and all our relations would be gravely impacted.  We have been taught to care for the water, to protect it, honour it and celebrate it.


The eagle in many nations teachings is the highest flying winged relation.  Many practices give our thanksgiving to the eagle as messengers with deliverance to the creator.  The spirit is of self and the sacred relationship that each of us have with creator and creation.


Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun symbolize life balance.  Balance within all of creation and life giving.


In its inception, the Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre was honoured to have the commitment from world renowned Anishnawbek Artist Leland Bell to create the Centre logo.

Since this time, this piece of art has been utilized not only as our logo but as one of our key teaching tools in bringing culture as treatment to the population we serve.