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To promote responsibility for each individuals health and lifestyles. To have respect for others and for one’s own personal integrity, applying and practicing values of acceptance and empowerment.  To work towards harmony and well being in relations. To know and understand human growth and development as it pertains to all of the Seven Grandfather Teachings.

The main purpose of Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre (SKHC) is to deliver wholistic traditional programs in a culturally appropriate manner, which reflect Aboriginal culture, values and traditions.

The Director of Traditional programs arranges traditional healer and alternative health therapy services, coordinates a variety of cultural events and workshops, such as medicine picking, wild food bank, beading, men’s and women’s sweats, craft and language classes and offers a variety of support groups.

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Traditional Healing Methods

SKHC has  Traditional Doctors, Healers, Knowledge Keepers, Medicine Keepers and more.  The team of traditional knowledge keepers provide a number of supports for individuals and families in their spiritual and healthy journey.

When visiting the Traditional team, it is necessary to bring a small offering of semaa (tobacco).

Tobacco is also available at the centre for this purpose. Please ask if needed. If any questions about certain protocols, please ask.

The Four Sacred Medicines

These medicines together make up the four sacred medicines and are used in ceremonies to purify.


Sweetgrass is used in healing. It is braided into three parts: mind, body and spirit. It provides healing and kindness which flows from the north.


Tobacco is used as an offering to Mother Earth and the Grandfathers. It promotes strength and courage which flows from the east.


Cedar is used to promote honesty and it flows from the south.


Sage is used to get-rid of negative feelings. It produces the gift of sharing, which is from the west.

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